Ion-beam assisted deposition (IBAD) texturing is used to fabricate templates for epitaxial superconductor layers and create a superconductor wire called a "coated conductor."

iBeam Materials works with partners in the superconductor industry to create the ideal layer combinations to fabricate the optimal superconductor wire.

iBeam Materials is the leader in development of IBAD texturing and in optimizing the performance of the related materials needed to create a single-crystal like template. We are eager to work with partners who are interested in this technology.

iBeam Materials has made practical a process for planarizing substrates known as Solution Deposition Planarization ™ (SDP™). The process replaces substrate polishing, barrier layer deposition and IBAD base layer deposition in a simple solution deposition process that is done in air.

We provide R&D services for companies for chemical solution deposition coatings having planarization or smoothing of surfaces (SDP™) and IBAD texturing for a single-crystal-like template on many different types of substrates, including polycrystalline metal foils, glasses, and ceramics.