iBeam Technology

iBeam Materials develops processes for crystalline alignment of films on a variety of substrates and supplies these materials to customers. The crystalline-aligned coatings are deposited on substrates such as glass, flexible metal or plastic foils. They can be used as templates for epitaxial growth of high-performance single-crystal films, such as superconductors or semiconductors, eliminating the need for single-crystal substrates. These templates can be significantly less expensive, produced in much larger areas and are more versatile compared to single-crystal substrates.

Ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD) is used to induce alignment in the films that are only a few nanometers thick. For preparation of surfaces for this ion-induced nano-texturing process we use chemical solution deposition on long lengths of flexible substrates.

These technologies were originally developed at Stanford University and Los Alamos National Laboratory. We are now developing new materials and supplying these high-quality IBAD templates to customers for R&D purposes. We can tailor them to customer’s requirements. Please contact us for more information.