iBeam Reinvents MicroLED Display Technology 

In order to achieve high efficiency and brightness in displays, the industry wants to move away from LCDs and OLEDs and towards displays made instead with arrays of millions of emissive microLEDs.  Using iBeam’s technology, LEDs and microLEDs can be made directly on metal foil instead of rigid sapphire or silicon, allowing for robust, bendable and rollable displays that don’t need complex assembly steps.  Only iBeam can deliver such a platform suitable for large-scale monolithic integration on a flexible substrate.

These microLED displays will provide 100x the brightness and 10x the efficiency of conventional LCD and OLED technologies for sunlight-readable displays that won’t drain the battery in your mobile device. Even better, the metal foil substrates provide strength and heat-sinking in the final product while maintaining its flexibility.

iBeam is also pioneering the key GaN FET circuit elements needed for the active matrix drivers of the microLED subpixels, for a complete technology solution that only GaN-on-metal can provide.

The video below shows our vision for the final product.