Santa Fe Business Receives Federal R&D Funding Award

October 22, 2013

SANTA FE  –  iBeam Materials, Inc., a Santa Fe technology start up and a spin off from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), announced today that the Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E) has awarded it a research and development project starting in 2014. The award of $793,000 is part of the ARPA-E program called SWITCHES, which is short for “Strategies for Wide-Bandgap, Inexpensive Transistors for Controlling High-Efficiency Systems.” The iBeam project involves research in low-cost substrates for deposition of high-performance semiconducting devices and will be done in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories, a key partner in this project.

Dr. Vladimir Matias, Founder and President of iBeam, commenting on the award said,  “This is very exciting news. We are grateful for the funding from ARPA-E, which was made possible by the support from our colleagues at Los Alamos and Sandia. iBeam also wants to thank New Mexico Bank & Trust for their help in getting the business started.  We can’t wait to get this project under way.”

ARPA-E announcement 

About iBeam Materials

iBeam Materials, Inc., located in the Agua Fria Business Park in Santa Fe, currently marks two years since its founding in 2011. The company specializes in use of an ion beam technology for crystal alignment of thin layers deposited on a variety of substrates and providing for improved performance electronic and energy devices. Dr. Vladimir Matias founded iBeam with the help of an equipment loan from LANL. He worked at LANL for eleven years as a team and project leader in the superconductivity program and his work there was recognized with two R&D 100 national awards. Prior to LANL Matias worked at two startups and has physics degrees from Stanford University and Caltech.